About us

About us

The production of high-quality food is important to us, which is shown by the awards given by both the profession and our customers: Excellent Quality Food Trademark, Value and Quality Grand Prix, Nők Lapja Food Awards. Our company strives to preserve old values by using traditional Hungarian recipes and ingredients, and we continue to pay attention to the latest guidelines for modern health-conscious nutrition. Our offer includes E-free, lactose- and gluten-free products, as well as more and more vegan and vegetarian products. I agree with the company’s employees: quality is not a matter of trend for us.

Ádám Nagy

managing director

Company history

Located near the Hortobágy National Park, Nádudvari Élélmiszer Kft., one hundred percent Hungarian-owned, was founded on September 1, 2007. The legal predecessor of our meat plant has been operating since 1969, our dairy plant has been processing milk since 1975, and in 2010 the mirelit business was launched.

Our products, which represent the regional flavor in accordance with the requirements of modern nutrition, are guaranteed to meet the increased food safety requirements. The Nádudvari brand is a guarantee of quality in all parts of the country, in domestic and international business networks.

The quality of our most popular product, the Nádudvari cottage cheese, has been guaranteed by the expertise of the Nádudvari cottage cheese masters for many years. Nádudvar skimmed curd and Nádudvar 25% sour cream have been awarded the Gold Degree of the Excellent Quality Food mark.

Our philosophy:

We consider it our mission to offer only high-quality Hungarian food to health-conscious customers. For those who care about what goes on their table. By the fact that our products are predominantly made from domestic raw materials, exclusively in domestic production and with the use of domestic labor, we not only offer an environmentally conscious choice, but we also want to support the local economy.

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